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Welcome to Onion Creek Ranch
Tennessee Meat Goats™ & TexMaster™ Meat Goats!


Goat Camp™ 2024

Taking reservations for
23rd annual Goat Camp™
Oct 21-24, 2024
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Kidding cannot be taught in a classroom. It must be learned by doing it. On-the-job training. There are too many little things that can happen that classroom instruction cannot cover.

In addition to offering GoatCamp™ every October, Onion Creek Ranch offers Kidding Internships during kidding season.

Persons who qualify will live on site at Onion Creek Ranch in excellent facilities and assist with kidding for 7-day internships.

No tuition is involved but you must provide your own transportation and food during your stay. Shorter internships are not available; you need to be on site for 7 days, interacting with the pregnant and nursing does day and night, to experience the depth and breadth of kidding and its variations. Does don't kid on command. They kid in groups and shorter internships will result in missing kidding entirely.

I try to pair an experienced person with a novice, providing 2 people for every 7 day cycle.

Contact Suzanne Gasparotto at onioncrk@centex.net for additional details. Provide your name and phone # and I will call you to discuss in detail. You will have to sign a liability waiver, not have any physical or mental issues, and NOT bring alcohol or illegal drugs onto this working ranch.

Kidding for spring 2024 should begin around March 6, 2024 and runs until approximately April 19, 2024, at which time all bred does should have kidded., 2024, at which time all bred does should have kidded.

Tennessee Meat Goats™ and TexMasters™ are the cream of the meat goat industry. Contact us for availability, ages and pricing by calling 512-265-2090 or emailing onioncreek@tennesseemeatgoats.com


Tennessee Meat Goat™ bucks at Onion Creek Ranch


TexMaster™ goats at Onion Creek Ranch


Beginning in 1990 at the original Onion Creek Ranch location near Buda, Texas  south of Austin,  I developed the Tennessee Meat Goat™.   Using the largest and most heavily muscled fullblood Myotonic goats from each generation and selectively breeding them to unrelated fullblood Myotonics  to emphasize heavier muscling and the frame necessary to carry that muscling, I created quality herd sires  that you need to put MEAT on your does' offspring.


Myotonia, the inherited neuro-muscular condition which causes these goats to stiffen primarily in their rear legs causes the heavy muscling in fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™.  The constant contraction and relaxation of these muscles as fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ grow results in very tender meat.  The only breed with a 4-to-1 meat-to-bone ratio, these goats carry more MEAT and less waste.   Dr. Lou Nuti of Prairie View A&M University's International Goat Research Center north of Houston, Texas, did  carcass studies  proving a 6% to 10% greater meat yield in any goat that is at least 50% Myotonic  several years before I began developing the larger and more heavily muscled fullblood Myotonic which I trademarked as the Tennessee Meat Goat™. Less waste in the offals (trash) bucket means more money in your pocket.


Tennessee Meat Goats™ come in many color combinations: black and white,  solid tan, tan and white,  white, black, black/brown/white tricolor, brownish red, taupe, chocolate brown and black, and roan, to name a few. Bucks and does continue growing until they achieve full maturity at four years of age.

Tennessee Meat Goat™ does  are easy kidders and excellent mothers.   Aseasonal (year-round) breeding is the norm, contrary to dairy and dairy-influenced goat breeds (Boers, Kikos, even many Spanish) who cycle into heat as daylight shortens.   A 200% or better kidding ratio is common, and well-attached udders carried high against the body produce milk on demand while being protected from being torn by briers and bushes.


I trademarked the  name Tennessee Meat Goat™  to identify Myotonic goats  developed at Onion Creek Ranch which are more heavily muscled and larger  framed  than the typical Myotonic goat.    A true MEAT goat is short legged, deep and wide bodied. You don't eat that which is between the belly and the ground. Long-legged goats, like long-legged cattle, exist to carry the big udders required of dairy genetics; long-legged goats have very little meat on them and lots of waste.  I took a  small goat breed  and  created an agile mid-sized goat able to   feed itself on forage/browse with a minimum of supplemental feeding  in goat-friendly (dry) climates most of the year.   Many people wrongly think that bigger is better.   The cost of per-pound weight gain on large-breed goats is too high to be profitable.

My goal has always been to develop the best meat goats  on the planet.  I offer heavily-muscled goats of  superior   body conformation for whom good  weight gain is the norm at affordable prices.   At a minimum, you need my bucks.  Your buck is 50% of your herd  --- 75% of your herd if you keep replacement does out of him --- so your buck is where you should spend your money. Shipping is available through independent livestock haulers.

To be a Certified Authentic fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™, an animal must conform to the size and muscling criteria that I established,  originate  from Onion Creek Ranch genetics, and must be visually inspected and certified as a Tennessee Meat Goat™ by a representative of Onion Creek Ranch.

 Tennessee Meat Goats™ may be  registered through Pedigree International in Humansville, Missouri. For additional information about Pedigree International, visit their website.

Tennessee Meat Goats™

Which Do You Need in Your Herd?


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