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The United States Government is taking antibiotics from over-the-counter purchases to prescription items. The first phase, which involves feed additives and other oral antibiotics, begins January 1, 2017. You can be assured that this is just the beginning.

Jeffers has provided me with a list of the products which they've been advised that they cannot sell as of January 1, 2017 and that you will have to purchase via prescription from your vet. Be prepared to pay much higher prices for these products.

Item # Description Availability

A2L5 SpecLinx-50 2.65 oz pkt in stock

A2L6 LinxMed SP Powder 40 gm 1.41 oz in stock

A2L9 LinxMed SP Powder 80 gm in stock

A2N2 NeoMed 325 100 gm in stock

A2PK PenAqua Sol-G 11.4 oz in stock

MOBS1 SMZ-Med 454 pkt mfg b/o

MOBT1 Tetroxy HCA-280 9.87 oz in stock

MOBT2 TetraMed 324 HCA 2# in stock

MOBT3 TetraMed 324 HCA 5# in stock

WJG5 Gallimycin PFC 250 gm in stock

A2DB Dimethox Gallon in stock

49N1 Neomycin Oral Solution pint in stock

49N2 Neomycin Oral Solution gallon in stock

F7SZ Sulmet 16oz out of stock

F7S6 Sulmet gallon out of stock

WJG4 BMD water soluble in stock

7VAA Oxytetracycline powder 6.4 oz in stock

BVSAB Oxytet Soluble 280 9.87 oz out of stock

CAA6 Aueromycin $G 5# in stock

F7AC Aueromycin sol powder 25.6 oz pkt in stock

A2T8 Tetra-bac 324 2# in stock

A2T5 Tetra-bac 324 5# in stock

T5SA Sav-A-Caf 6.4 oz in stock

T5SB Sav-A-Caf 6# bag in stock

N2LC LS 50 2.65 OZ in stock

UTA3 Rooster Booster 1.25# in stock

A2DA Dimethox sol powder out of stock

BVSAA Tylovet Soluble out of stock

E1T9 Tylosin out of stock

MOBAD SulfaMed-G Sol Powder out of stock

CAE5 Scour Ease 8 oz pkt in stock

If you use these products, I suggest that you consider stocking up NOW. The supply chain is drying up. Manufacturers have already discontinued some products and are rebranding them for veterinary sale only.

I am told by several reliable sources that some of the antibiotic manufacturers are voluntarily giving up over-the-counter sales, thereby allowing liability issues related to improper usage to fall upon the prescribing veterinarians. I believe this to be true.

If you haven't established a relationship with a vet, do it now. It is my opinion that within five years (or less), all antibiotics will have to be purchased from a vet by prescription.

Suzanne W. Gasparotto, Onion Creek Ranch, Texas 8/2/16

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