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Every goat breeder should have the following supplies on hand before the need for them occurs. In an emergency situation, you won't be able to get them in time. Some of the items serve similar purposes; in such situations, choose the products readily available to you

The over-the-counter items listed in the first section below may be purchased from specialty mail-order houses such as Register Distributing (goatsupplies.netfirms.com or 1-888-310-9606) or Jeffers (1-800-JEFFERS). A few of these items are available at Tractor Supply Company. Freight charges, except for heavy items, will be waived by some suppliers with a minimum level of purchase. Check prices; some companies match other vendors' prices.

Some of the products require refrigeration, others should be refrigerated in warm/hot climates, some must be prevented from freezing at high temperatures, and all should be kept out of heat and out of direct sunlight. Each category of items is alphabetized.

* Best if kept refrigerated
# Do not allow to freeze; freezes at high temperatures
**Must be kept refrigerated



#10 Single-Use Disposable Scalpel

Lancing abscesses; minor surgery

60 cc Syringes (2 or 3)

Sub-cutaneous re-hydration

7% Strong Tincture of Iodine

Wound antiseptic; dipping newborn navel cords

Acid Pack (special order)

Urinary Calculi

Adult stomach tube ( OCR's article on how to make)

Tube feeding adult goats

All-Weather Paint Stik

Animal marking - washable


Water-resistant aerosol bandage

Bag Balm

Abrasions on udders

Betadine Solution

Pre-surgery cleansing/disinfecting

Betadine Surgical Scrub

Germicidal antiseptic cleanser

Blood Stop Powder

Stop rapid blood flow

C&D Anti-Toxin ** #

Overeating disease - immediate, short-term


Hypocalcemia ("milk fever")

Dextrose 50%

Ketosis in does; quick energy for newborns & sick adults

Disposable Needles

22 gauge by 3/4" for injections

Disposable Syringes 1 cc, 3 cc, 6 cc, 12 cc (Luer Lock & Luer Slip)

(1 cc = 1 ml) 18g by 1" for drawing thick meds 22g for routine shots, 25g for injecting-Formalin into CL abscesses


Medical solvent

Dr. Naylor's Hoof n Heel

Hoof rot/hoof scald

Entrolyte (NOT Entrolyte HE)

Nutrient powder 13%+ protein

Essential 3+T (Colorado Serum) ** #

Overeating disease/tetanus - long-term

Ferrodex 100 injectable iron


Formalin (special order)

CL abscesses; hoof rot/scald

Fortified Vit B Complex

Stress of any kind

Fungisan Spray


Furazolidone spray (Furox, Furall)

Anti-bacterial spray for wounds

Goat ADE (special order)

Weak kids & ketotic does; vitamin/mineral supplement

Goat Ear Tag, tagger, extra pin

Permanent identification

GoatGuard/Synguard Probiotic ** (special order)

Repopulate gut with live bacteria

Heat Lamp Reflector w/ Guard & Clamp

Use with weak or sick kids

Hoof trimmers & hoof rasp

Trimming hooves

Ivomec 1% injectable

Dewormer (use orally)


Detecting ketosis in pregnant does

Kid milk replacer - Springbriar (special order)

No-soy milk replacer

Kid Puller

Difficult kid delivery


Hoof rot/hoof scald

Lambar Feeding Outfit

Multiple kid milk feeding

Latex Disposable Exam Gloves

Handling infectious matter


Iron supplement (oral) for anemia

Nasalgen IP

Respiratory vaccine - short term during shipping

Neomycin sulfate (Biosol)

Diarrhea - infectious

Nolvasan CapTabs

Uterine infections

Oxytetracycline (LA-200 or equivalent)

Antibiotic - broad spectrum

Pill pusher

Pushing pills to back of mouth

Pneumonia Vaccine (Colorado Serum) **

Pneumonia prevention - long term

Poly Neck Chains & Connecting Links

Animal identification (adult)

PolySerum/BoviSera injectable

Immune system booster

Powdered colostrum replacer (NOT "supplement")

First milk if doe isn't lactating

Prichard teats

Nipples for bottle babies

Privasan ointment

Topical antiseptic

Procaine Penicillin (300,000 IU)**

Antibiotic- broad spectrum

Propylene Glycol #

Ketosis in does

Red Cell oral liquid


Re-Sorb or equivalent

Oral rehydration electrolytes

Shoulder-length OB Gloves

Pulling kids during difficult births

Spectam Scour-Halt

Diarrhea (Scours)


Checking heart & breathing rates

Sulfadimethoxine 12.5% or (Di-Methox) Albon


Synergized De-Lice or equivalent

Lice control & eradication

Terramycin eye ointment

Pinkeye & other eye infections

Tetanus Anti-Toxin **

Tetanus - immediate, short-term protection

ToDay (cephapirin sodium)

Mastitis in lactating does

ToMorrow (cephapirin benzathine)

Drying up lactating does

Toxiban activated charcoal suspension


Trap 'n Toss Disposable Fly Traps

Fly control


Respiratory antibiotic

Valbazen Oral Drench * (not for pregnant does)


Vet Wrap (bright colors)

Wounds, injuries


Tissue adhesive liquid

Vitamin A+D+E Injectable *

Weak legs in newborns


Hoof rot vaccine

Weak Kid Syringe and stomach tube

Tube feeding newborn & very young kids

Weight scale

Weighing newborns & young goats

Zinc Sulphate

Foot bath for hoof rot/hoof scald

Purchase the following items (or generic equivalent) at your local discount store or co-op:



1% Chlotrimazole Cream


5% Sevin Dust

Flies & lice on kids & pregnant does

70% Isopropyl Alcohol

200 Watt Light Bulbs (not infrared)

Heat lamps for young kids

Agricultural Lime (powdered)

Ground disinfectant

Amdro Fire Ant Killer

Baby Aspirin, coated

Fever or pain relief

Benadryl liquid

Antihistamine for allergic reactions

Black oil sunflower seeds

Fatty feed additive for older goats; improves milk production in lactating does needing help

Black pepper - coarse ground

Topical treatment of "heat rash"; clots blood on wounds


Cotton Balls

Diatomaceous Earth

Ground disinfectant; external parasites

Distilled Water

Fly traps - mix with attractant

Duct Tape

Ear Syringe

Fleet's Enemas (infant & adult sizes)

Constipation; prolapsed vagina in newborn females

Gentian Violet


Hydrogen Peroxide

Topical cleansing of wounds

Karo syrup or molasses

Quick energy for weak kids & sick adults

KY jelly or generic equivalent

Lubrication for kid delivery

Milk of Magnesia

Bloat, overeating, ruminal acidosis, toxicity

Pepto Bismol

Rumen distress

Petroleum Jelly


Leg splints


Rectal Thermometer, digital

Self-Sticking Elastic Tape

Surgical tape

Tagamet HB-200

Upset rumen, scouring, coccidia, ruminal acidosis

Towels - Cloth & Paper

Triple Antibiotic Cream

Wasp Spray

Collect the following:



1/2" to 1" PVC Pipe (light weight)

Duct tape to goat's horns to prevent hanging horns in fences

Empty 16oz to 24 oz soda-water bottles

Bottle feeding - Pritchard teat screws on top

Empty permanent solution bottles

Applying Synergized Delice

PVC pipe (8 inches long) and funnel

Use with adult goat stomach tube



Banamine (FluMeglumine injectable liquid) *

Soreness from injuries; gut irritation; fever

Baytril 100 (tablets & injectable liquid)

Antibiotic - broad spectrum, heavy duty

BoSe (NOT MuSe)

Selenium deficiency

Dexamethazone 2mg/ml (liquid injectable)

Induces labor contractions; anti-inflammatory

Dopram injectable

respiratory stimulant to be dropped under tongue of newborn if it is under respiratory distress


Shock prevention

Excenel RTU (injectable liquid)

Antibiotic - respiratory and urinary tract infections

Gentamycin sulfate

Antibiotic - injectable

Gentocin spray


Lactated Ringers Solution *



Inducing labor; terminating pregnancy

MineralMax (MinMax) injectable

Mineral deficiencies

Nuflor (injectable liquid) *

Antibiotic - respiratory and systemic mastitis

Oxytocin (injectable liquid) *

Expelling afterbirth

Primor (tablets)

Antibiotic - coccidia & ruminal distress

Rally 200 injectable

Antihistamine for toxic reactions

Sterile water

Hydrating certain medications

Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim

Antibiotic - intestinal distress

Thiamine (Vitamin B 1)


Triple Antibiotic Opthalmic Ointment


Trypzyme - V (spray)

Sloughs dead tissue

Vitamin B-12 (liquid injectable)

Anemia; general weakness

* Best if kept refrigerated
# Do not allow to freeze; freezes at high temperatures
**Must be kept refrigerated

SPECIAL ORDERS: Acid Pak, GoatGuard Probiotic Paste and GoatADE from Register Distributing at 1-888-310-9606 or www.goatsupplies.com, or Acid Pack from Paulette Wohnoutka at 1-417-754-8135; Formalin: VetServUSA at 1-800-421-0026.

Do not use any of the above items without a veterinary prescription and vet supervision. NOTE: Many of these items are off-label/extra-label and some of them are specifically *not* approved for usage in food animals in certain jurisdictions. There are very few products approved for goats, so using them "off-label" puts producers in the position of technically violating a regulation, rule, or law. If you want your goats to survive and thrive, you have to decide your course of action because sometimes these products are needed to keep them alive and well. Suzanne W. Gasparotto and Onion Creek Ranch accept no responsibility for the outcome of using these products by producers. Each producer must consult his goat veterinarian for advice and recommendations on usage of approved, controlled, off-label/extra-label, or restricted medications.

Have as many of these products on hand as you as a producer are comfortable with. Designate a working refrigerator for your goat supplies. Set up a workspace. Label everything properly. Watch expiration dates.

I have excluded castration and disbudding information; I don't do either. Information on tattooing and micro-chipping are also not provided herein.

This list is a worst-case scenario. You should be ready for just about anything if you obtain these items now. I'm not a vet nor do I represent myself to be a vet or an expert on goats, but e-mail or call if you need help, and I'll do my best to assist you by telling you what I would do under the circumstances you describe to me if the goat was in my herd and my care.

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