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Metritis is the term applied to a uterine infection in a goat. Metritis is usually the result of the doe's having dead kids or a retained placenta.   It must be quickly and properly treated or she will die.

Symptoms include lethargy    and a fever that won't go away even with proper medication.  Her body looks "bloated" in that she looks like she is still full of kids.   She is off feed, so she needs Vit B 1 (thiamine) injections, dosing at 4 cc per 100 lbs twice a day for as long as she is not eating.   Common antibiotics like penicillin won't kill the organisms  that cause a uterine infection.

A uterine douche of equal parts of distilled  water and oxytetracycline 200 mg/ml given with an enema bulb or  a weak kid syringe and tube is necessary.   If oxytetracycline 200 mg/ml isn't available (vet script), then  use iodine mixed in distilled water to a "weak tea"  appearance.

If the problem isn't diagnosed before the cervix closes,  an IM injection of 2 cc Lutalyze is necessary.   Lutalyze re-opens the cervix for a short time.        Then flush  with the oxytet/distilled water solution  or iodine/distilled water solution  after the cervix opens.  The fluid will flow in and back out immediately but it does its job.   Once the cervix is open, the foul-smelling infection can drain out of her uterus through her cervix and  vagina and out of her body.

The antibiotic that cures Metritis is Baytril 100, given IM for 5 days in a row and dosing at 2-1/2 cc per 100 lbs bodyweight.  It isn't approved for use in food animals, so you need your vet's consent and assistance in getting this medication.  This is the only  medication that I know of that cures a uterine infection  in goats.

I also provide  branches  of green leaves daily.  This is the goat's natural food and she is more likely to eat green leaves before she eats anything else.   I keep her hydrated with electrolytes (ReSorb, Bounce Back, etc) mixed in clean cool water.

Recovery from Metritis takes at least a week and sometimes longer.

Suzanne W. Gasparotto, ONION CREEK RANCH, Texas    5.1.22

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